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PDG 500 - Doner Kebab Machine

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Operates with electricity
It is completely manufactured from AISI304 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.
Ceramic heaters are in horizontal rows and can be separately controlled.
There are 5 rows, and each row has 3 heaters, all heaters can be replaced individually if required.
Each machine has a large AISI 304 quality tray to collect fat and prevent dripping of sliced meat.
Each tray has AISI 304 quality perforated plate in order to hide dripping of fat.
All machines are delivered with 1 skewer, 1 shovel, 1 fat tray and 2 fixing pins.
There is a switch which changes meat turning direction depending on left or right hand cut.
There is a special high temperature resistant motor (ld / d) placed on the bottom of the body.
There is fused socket outlet on the device for electrical knife.
Oblique stance of the skewer on which doner meat is wound provides a constant distance between meat and heater.
Homogeneous cooking facilities in short time by heaters that surrounds Doner meat circularly and by highly conductive Robox glass placed in front of the heaters. Hygienic and safe cooking facilities with high temperature resistant ROBAX glass prevents fat spillage on heaters.
It is operated with LPG or NG (natural gas) and conversion is possible without any modification.
Gas valve includes a safety system equipped with electronic ignition and it automatically cuts the gas in case of flame failure.
Heat Capacity: 20 kW
Gas inlet: ½”
Electric inlet: 220-230V 50Hz
Doner Meat Capacity: 75-90 Kw
Skewer Length: 750 mm
Dimensions: 661*764*1131 mm.
Net weight: 61 Kg