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Elmeco FCM-3 Millennium Granita Slush Machine - JrcNYC

Elmeco FCM-3 Millennium Granita Slush Machine

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  • A Multipurpose Cold Beverage Dispenser perfect for Italian granita, slushies, frozen or iced coffee/tea, frozen margaritas, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, sangria, lemonade and much, much more.
  • The First Class patented design eliminates “preventative maintenance” (versus competetive manufacturers, where mandatory preventative maintenance is required annually & costly).
  • The drive shaft of each First Class unit is manufactured with a “Seal-Less” patent, which makes it uniquely the most hygienic & safest product of its kind on the market today.
  • First Class is the simplest & easiest machine to clean & maintain.
  • 3 Bowl machine with a capacity of 3.2gal per bowl